Character Sheets

Did you ever want to have a character sheet available, but didn't have a copy machine in your home? This is a problem I run into all the time. I never have a blank character sheet around when I need one. Many years ago I decided to scan in character sheets and then I could simply print them out at my leisure. Yet the scans were never the quality I wanted, they were too big, and the prints just didn't look right.

Then I realized that I had the computer knowledge, and free time, to fix these problems. I began hand designing the pages using Adobe Illustrator. With a little time I can create beautiful character sheets that are relatively small and will have an infinite resolution. So the better the printer, the better the sheet will look.

With a little help from my friends, I converted the Adobe Illustrator files into Post Script and PDF format. I recommend the Illustrator files; they tend to be the best quality. After that, things begin to break down. If you have any character sheets you'd like, tell me about it and I may be able to do them for you.

The Law

I don't claim to know anything about copyright law, so if I'm breaking it, I'll be happy to take these down. Still, I created them all by hand. Obviously they're meant to look as similar to the original as I could make them, but they are definitely not scans or photocopies.


The Middle Earth character sheet is based on the one from ICE's Middle Earth Roleplaying 2nd Edition.

Sailor Moon

Right out of the Sailor Moon RPG.

AD&D 2nd Edition

This character sheet was given to me many years ago by a friend in a campaign. I liked the sheet so much I decided to use it as my template for the illustrator one. It's a two sided sheet so make sure to download both parts. The original was called "The Ultimate Player Character Sheet" (C) 1991 MNA ENTERPRISES.