The purpose of Bilbo is to provide a simple, platform independent tool for temporary mass filename renaming. The objective is to allow the user to change the names of files within an entire directory structure and then at a later time change it back.

Why? Because I have huge MP3 collections that have filenames which are not compliant with any file format available on cd-rom. ISO is only 8.3 characters and Joliet is a total of 64. So what happens when you have file names that don't fit in that format? You're screwed! You're screwed, unless you have a Bilbo!

Bilbo is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.

Bilbo 2.3.1 (7/20/2003)

Bilbo 2.3 (4/15/2003)

In celebration of Tax Day I've GPL'ed Bilbo.

Bilbo 2.2.1 (4/13/2003)

Bilbo 2.0

Released on March 7th, 2002. You're thinking I must be joking since 1.0 was released a couple weeks earlier. I'm not one to do a full revision change lightly. Bilbo 2.0 is a rearchiteching of the underlying structure of how it works. Trust me, there's enough change down there to warrant a full revision.

Anyway, Bilbo is done. Other than some possible bug fixing I see no need to do anymore work on this thing. Use, enjoy, extend. Whatever.

What's New?

Bilbo 1.0

Released on February 26th, 2002. Bilbo 1.0 is the simpliest version of the program. It does the basic task and doesn't provide a lot of extensiblity or robustness. But it does work!


Old Releases