jAlbum is a program for generating HTML photo albums from a list of files. The eventual goal is to be able to select iPhoto albums and then export them to a variety of photo album templates.

jAlbum is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.

jAlbum 1.2 Released (04/09/2004)

You can now specify it to lowercase all the files names on output.

jAlbum 1.1 Released (01/08/2004)

A bit of cleanup, but big feature was to added the ability to use external album templates.

jAlbum 1.0 Released (12/29/2003)

I've used Cocoa-Java to add in iPhoto integration. Often I think to myself, damn I'm good.

jAlbum 0.9 Released (12/26/2003)

This first iteration allows for the adding of files into the wizard, giving each file a description (if desired) and exporting them to the standard album format.

jAlbum Edit Panel jAlbum Output