The MERP Stat Roller

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Appearance (AP) Stat Pool


I've created the MERP Stat Roller in JavaScript 1.1. I've been frustrated since my work on the Character Generator died when I lost the source code. So now I can roll stats anywhere in the world conveniently without dice. You can too!

Jordan's Stat Generation Method

Since no one seems to like rolling straight stats, one must work up systems to create stats for people that will be fair. I think that the point based systems are the most fair, but that takes the randomness out of making characters and I think the randomness is essential. It doesn't make sense to me that everyone is average. Some people are strong, smart, quick and have the best of all worlds. So this is the system I use to come up with decent stats in MERP that makes everyone happy.

Roll everything (other than appearance) re-rolling stats than 20 and add up the total. If it's less than 360 (an average of 60 for each stat) then try again. Once this is done, let people place the stats as they see fit. Then, keeping your total the same, all stats may be adjusted by +/- 10 points. No stat should raise above 100 or drop below 20.

e.g. Barak rolls up his stats and places a 92 in ST, 67 in AG, and 84 in CO. He takes 4 points out of AG and 4 points out of CO to put the 8 points in ST. Giving him new stats of 100 in ST, 63 in AG, and 80 in CO.

Some people believe you should not allow people to raise their prime stat to 90 under this system.  I think it is perfectly fair since I think having only a 90 in your prime stat can be a great disadvantage, considering how easy it is to have a 100 there (about a 75% chance), and balances out