jMerp Framework

jMERP framework is a set of Java objects designed to represent the objects and rules of MERP. This project is not an attempt to generate any kind of robust MERP application, but instead serve as a starting layer for any other interested Java developers.

Granted, this removes a lot of the end user appeal of such an application. Don't worry! I'm developing "reference" applications along with the framework to demonstrate how to use it and these applications should be perfectly usable to anyone interested in getting actual use out of this.

Reference Applications

The Merp Character Generation Wizard - This is the standard piece of creation I do with MERP. This allows one to work through the character creation process and generate a character.

The Merp Random Character Generator - Just one click and you've got a complete random character created according to the Merp rules!

Screen Shots

Stat Rolling Screen

Roll your statistics using my award winning statistics rolling system! You'll have Minimums at least 360 points with the ability move around stats and adjust where the points end up.

Don't like my system? All the configuration is held in an XML file. Just dig into it and change the values to fit the system you like.

Stat Background Point Screen

Spend background points the way you're used! Jump around to the different places you can spend them while getting a full view of your character to so far.

Background points follow the rules as dictated in the book, even following the race specific options that are often over-looked by the GMs.

Skill List View

Body development is rolled for you! Base Spell OB is smart enough to know you can't have ranks in it. All of the bonuses are totalled for you. It pays attention to racial bonuses, item bonus, special bonus, everything that you don't want to worry about.


Latest Release - v0.2 (7/18/01)

You can download the latest release: