Merp Character Generator for Win32

Character Generator

This is program for creating MERP characters. The objective is to make this program entirely self-contained so that one can create a character without the need to use the MERP book and then printout a fully functional character sheet.

Race Editor

After working with the character generator I realized that I needed a good way to store statistics on races. To store it efficiently I needed to keep it in a binary file and I figured that using a MFC Serialized file would make it the most portable.

So, why a separate application? In theory this can be used in the future to add races if MERP 3rd edition ever comes out. Plus people might want to generator their own races for use with the application. Extensions might create rules for things like Ents or other races to add.

What Works/Doesn't and Testing Needed

Latest Release

You can download the latest release: