Jagg - Directory Analyzer

I, like so many others, often have the problem of a filling hard drive. I find it difficult to answer the question, "where is all that space going?" So Jagg (Directory Analyzer) is a tool that will show how much space is being taken up by directories on your hard drive, including all subdirectories. It basically does what Windows does when you right-click on a directory, choose properties, and look at the size.

It's nothing fancy and runs from an application jar. So just download the jar an execute it. You should be able to double-click on it if your JRE is setup correctly. Otherwise, you'll need to run it from the command line with "java -jar jagg.jar". Happy analyzing.

Jagg is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.

Jagg 1.2.1 Released (04/14/2003)

Jagg 1.1 Released (03/29/2003)

I updated Jagg with some requested enhancements from various users. Hope everyone likes it.

Screen Shots

I often use JAGG on my website directory to help me hunt down what is taking up all that space. Here I can see that the "chaoscorp" directory is the culprit with my photos coming in second. Clicking on "chaoscorp" will analyze that directory.

Jagg Win32 Screenshot Thumbnail Jagg Mac Screenshot Thumbnail

Old Releases