Technical Projects

Apple Projects

Address Book Friendster - Iterates through all the e-mail addresses in the Address Book and checks tells you if it has a Friendster account, but isn't your friend.

Fastbuzz Konfabulator Widget - It's a Konfabulator Widget That shows you how many unread articles are waiting in your Fastbuzz account.

Java Projects

jAlbum - developed to create a customizable HTML slideshow from a directory of images or an iPhoto album.

Bilbo - developed to do recursive massive filename revision. Specifically designed to convert long file names into Joliet format for archiving to CD and then back again when you're done. It can also produce full XML listings of directories that can then be pumped through an XSLT.

Jagg - a directory analyzer that can be used to track down where you hard space is running off to.

Cranial Tank - a tank combat game where you write the programming for you tank in a simple language and then watch them battle it out.

jMerp - an incomplete MERP 2nd Edition Character Generator.

DopeWars - an incomplete attempt to make a multi-player client-server version of the infamous DopeWars.

Mobiles Projects

Mobile Tarot - a MIDP program for referencing the meaning of Tarot Cards.

Graphical Projects

Character Sheets - Some character sheets I drew up a while ago in illustrator MERP and AD&D.

Web Projects

MERP Stat Roller - an HTML based Stat Roller for Merp 2nd Edition that works in Internet Explorer.

ChaosServer - a J2EE contact manager system used by my friends.

Windows Projects

MERP CharGen - an incomplete MERP Character Generator for Win32

OS/2 Projects

M3U to MPL Converter - a simple REXX script that converts M3U playlists into MPL for WarpAmp

About Chaos Corporation

Chaos INC. was founded in early 1995 by CEO Jordan.

Its originally project was a joint venture with Imagine Software, a company we still maintain many close ties with. The product was NShare, an integrated Email/Chat suite designed to run internally on a company LAN. Since the wide spread use of the internet and the desire to break down the walls separating LANs from the rest of the world, this product faded away.

I spend a lot of time learning technologies. I'm fascinated by what we have accomplished and what there is still left to do. Every day people are developing new ingenious ways to improve how we work with technology. So I experiment with these things. I provide my experiments here for others to look at. They are learning tools mostly, though some may be useful to others. Enjoy.


Chaos Corporation, was once branded as a company that wanted to fill up gaps in the little things that people should have developed. It was branded as a company about producing actual software applications that someone might use. That was a bad branding.

We've rebranded to represent what we're truly about at Chaos Corporation We're about playing with cool technology. So the new logo, created by our graphic designers, is meant to express that. With each new technological insipiration there's a rising level of enthusiam and work. Then, we achieve a point with that technology that it's not worth learning anymore, and it drops off. The cycle repeats forever.