Chaos Server

Chaos Server is really the combination of two different applications systems: a framework and a the useful application.


  1. Template Processor (allows you to write standard HTML templates that will have dynamic content placed in for special keys)
  2. Logging framework (Allows Debug, Error and Audit logging to file and/or database)
  3. Mailing Framework (easily create and send E-mail messages based on web page action)
  4. Dynamic DHTML Navbar (easy creation of an extensible Navigation bar)
  5. Redirectional Uploader (when you IP address changes, automatically creates a new web page to redirect to the new IP)
  6. System Constants that load from file and stay in memory for easy constants that aren't compiled into the program
  7. Session (ability to track a user persistently from page to page)


  1. Personal Contact information storage and sharing
  2. Message Board functionality to post/read messages
  3. VCard uploading so users can upload VCard
  4. E-mail notification when a friend changes their contact information