Mobile Tarot

Memorizing all those Tarot cards is tricky business. I bet you'd like to be able to carry around those Tarot card meanings with you where ever you go. Well, if you carry a MIDP device (like Palm Pilot or MIDP Phone) you can!

Currently this is just a quick reference for the meaning of the Tarot cards, but the eventually goal is to make it be able to deal out a reading to you.

To run a MIDP application on the Palm, as I do, you'll need to download MIDP for the Palm. It requires Palm OS 3.5 or higher.

MIDP for Palm OS

Screen Shot

Tarot Screenshot

Tarot 1.0

Released on March 6th, 2002. Tarot 1.0 lets you quickly lookup the meaning of any Tarot card.

Latest Release